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Resemblance to Estee lauder's Perfume White Linen


Description: The clean, fresh-air tonalities of aldehydes, tart lemon and succulent peach intertwine with the deep floral scent of hyacinth, bright carnation, classic rose, powdery lilac, precious lily of the valley, sweet jasmine, earthy iris, the violet-like nuances of orris root, delicate violet blooms, the banana-like scent of ylang ylang and the clean scent of tropical orchid. The rich forest-like oakmoss, grassy vetiver, resinous cedarwood, smooth, sweet honey, desert sandalwood, the floral bouquet of benzoin, warm amber and spicy tonka bean blend harmoniosly to unite and enhance this enriched fragrance.


An intoxicating smell that you and your significant other will fall in love with. 

The scent is made up of 100% Oil & contains no alcohol, Which means it last longer than perfume. Get yours today!

White Linen (type)

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